Our Purpose

Neue Supply Co. is a retail athleticwear and athleisure apparel company. Our purpose is to help people live their best lifestyle and achieve greatness by breaking down barriers and increasing access to fitness and wellness. Learn more about our journey, community, and why people are at the heart of everything we do.

Neue team runs together on track to accomplish goals through shared purpose and values

Building a community with shared purpose and values

We celebrate the human spirit and build strength in individuals and communities by promoting diversity, all forms of social equity, inclusion, sustainability, fitness, and wellness.

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

    Neue stands for equality and inclusion — always. We oppose laws, policies, and processes that facilitate, enable, or reinforce discrimination and limit human potential in any form. Regardless of age, gender identity, ability, or aspiration, everyone deserves access to fitness and wellness and the opportunity to compete and live their best lives.

  • Responsible sourcing

    Holistic products are grounded in respect for people and the planet. 100% of our manufacturers have committed themselves to responsible sourcing. We’re building a foundation of long-term relationships with ethical manufacturers who share our goals for equity, health and safety, and environmental responsibility.

  • Building communities

    Relationships are more important than money. Fitness and wellness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of who they are or where they grew up. We work with top athletes, ambassadors, and others to help break barriers and help create a more active, equitable future for everyone.

  • Celebrating the human spirit

    Everyone has the right to be well. Success happens when inspiration and hard work meet opportunities. Pursuing impact at scale requires individual responsibility. While achieving individual and collective greatness can be challenging, we believe people who can see their potential are capable of accomplishing greatness.

The same innovation that inspires our products applies to how we do business.

Beautiful woman practices yoga
Man skateboards in colorful shoes
Brand ambassador woman takes a break running.

Brand ambassador program

From top athletes to yoga instructors to everyday creatives and entrepreneurs — community is everything to us. While Salt Lake City, UT is where you can trace our beginnings, in our global community is where you'll find our soul.

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Becoming a brand ambassador starts with authentic relationships. Connect with us to learn more.